Summer Song Playlist

So I’m sitting at my desk right now, working away my summer at my internship, and it feels as though this summer is completely different than any summer I spent before it.

Although last summer I also had an internship and a job, I was still a college student. Party all night, work all day, sleep whenever I could get a little free time. This time around, I get off work at 5, am exhausted from working all day, and after a few hours and dinner I decide to pass out at about 9:30.

What am I, 80? I do enjoy the occasional Bingo tournament, but I am not giving up my youth this easy!

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Fourth of July Weekend: Star Spangled Sparks

It’s the Monday back from an incredible holiday weekend, celebrating freedom and patriotism in all shapes and forms. Some may have camped out on a beach, others BBQing with family, or maybe you watched a spectacular fireworks show with friends.

I was at work, and while I was sad I couldn’t spend time with my family at their annual BBQ, I was able to take part in putting on the largest fireworks show in the Northern Nevada Region at John Ascuaga’s Nugget.

Star Spangled Sparks is a 14-year-long tradition involving delicious food vendors, fun carnival rides and games, and of course concluding with an amazing fireworks show. As a young girl, my family would always hike the few blocks from out house to the Nugget, toting along our lawn chairs and tupperware of cut up watermelon, to watch the breathtaking show.

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Whiskey Business

Each year around this time in Reno, Nevada, the Rodeo comes to town. There are cowboys, livestock, a fair, vendors, and of course the most popular seasonal bar, the Jack Daniels Tent. Last year, I was given the opportunity to work as a bartender at the tent, and came back again this year for some more.

I’d like to talk about my favorite part of bar tending: I have complete and total control over people’s sobriety. This is like a superpower.

Whiskey Business

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The Biggest Little Fashion Truck

Food trucks have recently hit the Reno/Sparks scene as a tasty and different way to grab a quick bite. With the ever-growing popularity of food trucks, Vinnie Lucinda along with his business partner Hillary Schieve hatched a plan for a new kind of truck – The Biggest Little Fashion Truck.


After the owners discussed their idea, it wasn’t look before The Biggest Little Fashion Truck took to the streets. Their first event was March 23, 2013 at the Nevada Women’s Expo.

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Is Facebook #ready?

#Ready? Clickable Hashtags Are Coming to Your Facebook Newsfeed

ABC News wrote today that Facebook will now start implementing the hashtag symbol as a clickable link to connect users. Now when someone puts a “#” in front of anything, it will become a link that when clicked will be visible among all other posts using that same hashtag. In layman’s terms, Facebook will now be able to stretch the conversation through people’s statuses by connecting them to others with similar posts.

And hey, it’s about time.

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Quarter-life Crisis

Today, my boss and I were talking about the quarter-life crisis that come along with becoming an adult. She was telling me that she is planning to go to the Reno Rodeo for the first time ever this year, but she has absolutely nothing to wear. See, about four years ago, she went through all of her clothes and threw out anything that she deemed to be unprofessional or reminiscent of her more youthful years. Granted, my boss is barely 27-years-old, but from what I gathered from her story, she was panicking about becoming an adult.

This is where I come in. I can completely relate to how she was feeling those few years ago when she threw out all her old clothes. I have just graduated college and am currently panicking about my life.

What should I do? More school? Find a job? Internship? Move to a different city? Travel? Free-load off mom and dad?

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The Method Behind the Mayhem

I was recently in Phoenix, attending the National Student Advertising Competition as well as the Admerica convention. During one luncheon, Lisa Cochrane, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Allstate Insurance Company and Susan Credle, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett North America came to speak about the Allstate Mayhem campaign.

Mayhem has become a popular campaign since it began in July 2010, starring Dean Winters as “Mayhem” and showing that mayhem can happen at any time, when you least expect it.   Here’s a clip of my favorite Mayhem advertisement:

OMG, Becky’s Not Even Hot.

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