5 phrases my generation says that make my dad’s generation want to totally fuggin’ kill themselves


Parentz just don’t understand. At this rate, no one will understand what the hell my generation is trying to communicate to them. Here are some real gems of wordplay that my generation (at least my friends) tend to use on the daily:

1. Kill yourself/ I’m going to kill myself
My father’s generation doesn’t understand the humor in suicide, and no doubt, it is not a funny subject. My generation uses the term “I’m going to kill myself” in everyday casual conversation. As in, “This donut is so good, but if I take another bite, I’m going to have to kill myself.” This kind of term just points to the sarcastic nature of my generation.

2. I mean…
My dad will ask me a simple question, and sometimes I tend to start the answer with “I mean…” What do you mean Alli?? Sometimes in the case of bad news delivery, “I mean…” will act as a buffer to soften the blow. But it’s mostly just an annoying filler. Which takes me to the next item on the list…

3. Like
I like know that like using the word “like” in a sentence that’s like any other way than like what the like actual definition of “like” is, it can be like really annoying. But sometimes, like instead of like taking a breath to like speak more, my generation like feels like the need to like fill up like dead air with like the word “like.” Do you like, understand yet?

4. Abbrevs
This is totes def an annoying one. Sometimes my generation even abbreviates things that shouldn’t be abbreviated…then you end up not knowing what the hell they just said.

5. Then I was all…
This phrase is commonly used in storytelling. “She was all OMG, and I was all shut up!” It can be even more perplexing when kids use this phrase to end a story, without even saying how they “were all.” So I went to the bank today and the lady at the counter said I had no money left. It was so weird because I totes have at least like $10 in that account. I was all…

I have to plead guilty to all these phrases at some point in time, but I assure you I probably looked like a total idiot when saying them. Do you have any favorite generational phrases? Comment below!

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