Whiskey Business

Each year around this time in Reno, Nevada, the Rodeo comes to town. There are cowboys, livestock, a fair, vendors, and of course the most popular seasonal bar, the Jack Daniels Tent. Last year, I was given the opportunity to work as a bartender at the tent, and came back again this year for some more.

I’d like to talk about my favorite part of bar tending: I have complete and total control over people’s sobriety. This is like a superpower.

Whiskey Business

It turns mere acquaintances into your best friends, your best friends into mooching assholes, and never-ending compliments from total strangers. Basically, if I have your means to get drunk, I am the single most important person in the bar.

Too bad for all you guys, I don’t give away any alcohol. It’s not mine to give away in the first place, and hey, I like working there each year and do NOT want to be fired.

I always love rodeo season (aka, cowboy season). Even though the Jack Tent has sort of turned into a giant western-themed frat party, I still enjoy working every year, and attending the rodeo on my few days off.

If you haven’t been, I highly recommend throwing on your boots and kicking up some dust at the Reno Rodeo! Be sure to stop by the Jack Tent to see me. Always remember to tip your bartender 😉



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