Quarter-life Crisis

Today, my boss and I were talking about the quarter-life crisis that come along with becoming an adult. She was telling me that she is planning to go to the Reno Rodeo for the first time ever this year, but she has absolutely nothing to wear. See, about four years ago, she went through all of her clothes and threw out anything that she deemed to be unprofessional or reminiscent of her more youthful years. Granted, my boss is barely 27-years-old, but from what I gathered from her story, she was panicking about becoming an adult.

This is where I come in. I can completely relate to how she was feeling those few years ago when she threw out all her old clothes. I have just graduated college and am currently panicking about my life.

What should I do? More school? Find a job? Internship? Move to a different city? Travel? Free-load off mom and dad?

All these thoughts and more have crossed my mind…and are still crossing my mind every day. I’m in sort of a panic with what I want to do with my life. I’ve got some bad news for you my friends: a quarter-life crisis is the real deal. And I am still panicking all the time.

After thinking about my own quarter-life crisis, and hearing about my boss’ just a few years earlier, I felt a little relief. Relief because I didn’t feel alone in this sort of panic. In reality, many young adults go through something of this sort when they are transitioning into adulthood.

I learned a valuable lesson through my boss’ story, which is not to try and make yourself become an adult. Apparently, becoming an adult is pretty instinctive. Who knew? But according to statistics, there are tens of thousands of people becoming adults daily! Wow!

I like being young. I like not sleeping..pretty much ever. I like making spur of the moment decisions. I like meeting new people and forming an instant connection. I like tailgates and wine nights. I like beer. Lots of beer. Let’s face it, you’re only young once! If I could stretch out my youth as long as possible, I would. But growing up is also something I’m definitely ready for. The panic is that adulthood isn’t quite ready for me yet.

I will continue to power through this quarter-life crisis as best I can! Thank you in advance for your support and encouragement 🙂

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