Is Facebook #ready?

#Ready? Clickable Hashtags Are Coming to Your Facebook Newsfeed

ABC News wrote today that Facebook will now start implementing the hashtag symbol as a clickable link to connect users. Now when someone puts a “#” in front of anything, it will become a link that when clicked will be visible among all other posts using that same hashtag. In layman’s terms, Facebook will now be able to stretch the conversation through people’s statuses by connecting them to others with similar posts.

And hey, it’s about time.

I’ve already seen so many of my friends using hashtags on Facebook, even though they are essentially meaningless when they aren’t activated as a link. In reference to the article from ABC News, “Facebook says that hashtags are already all over the service thanks to posts from Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.” I even get text messages from my friends with hashtags in them. Let’s face it, hashtags are cool, and people like using them as a way to express themselves.

So what does this mean for other social networking sites who almost solely rely on the hashtag as a way for people to connect? Yes, I’m talking about you, Twitter. Those who have used Twitter as a means of connecting through hashtags can now essentially do the same thing on their Facebook Timeline – but they get more than 140 characters, they get to post multiple kinds of media, and (probably) even share it with more of their friends.

Let’s not say good riddance to Twitter, or any other hashtag reliant social media outlet just yet. I’m very eager to see how other sites will respond to the Facebook hashtag, and I hope there will be some new awesome developments coming out in the near future.

If not, I will be throwing Twitter a Bon Voyage party at the end of the year. Myspace can come too.

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